Aquarium Gardening  Ltd
Contact: Dr. John Prescott, Director
Phone No.:
01874 658197

About Aquarium Gardening Ltd:

Aquarium Gardening is a specialist Aquarium Plant Company, with it’s own nursery. It imports and grows the largest variety of Aquarium plants, and has many rare plants, that are not available elsewhere. In addition it has it’s own collectors from the wild in Asia, so it is able to offer to real afficiados from time to time many very rare Cryptocorynes.

Because light is such a vital component of sucessfully keeping these beautiful plants, Aquarium Gardening is proud to offer the ONLY lights with the perfect Natural Daylight spectrum of 5500 Kelvin, which give a result far superior to other flourescent tubes currently offered.

We offer and keep in stock, some 5 x T8 tubes in differing wattages and lengths, and 8 different T5 sizes.

We offer these to Aquarium trade outlets, as well as our ever growing base of devoted plant enthusiasts. 

Certified Viva-Lite Resellers


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